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All contents are original works of Cate McNider, poet, painter, and movement artist. This site, is only a small sample of the body of her contemporary art work. Paintings and poetry books may be purchased.

Latest Piece: February 14, 2020--Before Covid19 Quarantine


"All In It Together", Acrylic on canvas, 22x28"

Artist and teacher at New York School of Interior Design, William Engel, has this to say about it: 

"Respecting boundaries in solidarity. Focused. And with peace." 

And he goes on to explain more:

"The red is at the center of the golden section. It is at rest and being primary red it is strong and willful. It is pleasantly placed away from the yellow square but is highly respectful of its partner. The grey(blue) encompasses both squares and says we are all in this together."

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