Artist Statement


For Cate McNider, drawing and painting came out of a need to communicate between the unconscious to the conscious mind; a buried treasure that could stay silent no more. Images and symbols presented themselves in dreams or during movement and bodywork experiences. The body was speaking — so she listened. The symbols became lines, became color, became shape and shade. Some paintings are surprises others are replications of what she has seen within.

She did not seek formal post-graduate training, but accepted informal studies with two painters; representational (David Olander) and abstract (Eliezer Parrilla) painters in Manhattan and in West Hurley, NY. She began on canvas, following her teachers, then because of typical NYC space limitations, she turned to making works on multi-media paper -- charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and oil stick. 

The conversation is with the unconscious -- cleaning out an infinite closet. Her extensive movement explorations and healing her spine for 44 years finds its way on the canvas in some of her earlier work. 

Often, she reports the images and feelings that arise while sitting in meditation; reporting her experience in color, shape and concept. Most spiritual experiences are difficult to define in words, so shape, color and concept lend themselves as close as possible in the reporting, however her poetry does attempt to express the concepts she encounters. 

Her work expresses the fundamentals of nature, exploring the experience of natural Law itself. For example: Transmitting narratives from night dreams, or replicating actual primordial wavelengths seen in her mind’s eye before her brain transforms them into what makes up this reality. 

She is documenting a self-realization process, in concept, color and line. She does her best to get out of the way, and allow IT show her what IT is.

Urban Yogini, acrylic on canvas, 24x30" -- $650

Urban Yogini, acrylic on canvas, 24x30" -- $650

Acrylic & oilstick on Canvas: 4/2020

"Movement Thru Time"

Quarantined work:

"It seems it's about soft detention. Beauty that lies beneath. Pent up but not strictly barred. The bluish camouflage telescopic grid seems to be floating away. It's a temporary fence of time. Slowly giving way to exorbitant beauty." --William Engel, artist and art teacher at New York School Int Design

Solo and Group shows

Sister Jane Tavern - solo show, June-October 2018

Spicy Moon, Vegan Szechuan, Group show, May 2019-present

Spicy Moon, Vegan Szechuan, Group show, May 2019-present


Opening Night Solo show Party at Sister Jane Tavern, May 25, 2018. My works on canvas, mostly acrylic were on display for six months. In the carousel directly below this  are many of the paintings shown.

Spicy Moon, Vegan Szechuan, Group show, May 2019-present

Spicy Moon, Vegan Szechuan, Group show, May 2019-present

Spicy Moon, Vegan Szechuan, Group show, May 2019-present


The owner of Spicy Moon, Nick and his wife, saw my work on Instagram, after the Sister Jane show, and invited me to include two of my paintings on the walls of his delightful restaurant. Places of dining and socializing seem to be the sites that attracts my work -- something for your kitchen perhaps?