Reading at Woodstock Poetry Society, 2017

Poet's Beginning...

Cate McNider began writing poetry consistently, in response to someone asking her a question, a year after arriving in NYC, 1985. This simple inquiry opened another channel of creativity, in addition to her previous years of formally studying acting and modern dance in London, UK.

Poetry only required a pen and paper....

"Fierce Intent", oil on canvas, 16x20

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Back Cover: "Cate McNider's Separation and Return is a collection of missives from the buried self in search of expression and communication to the conscious mind. These are poetic explorations, celebrations, and observations: of nature, love, justice, and the mysteries that surround, confound, and inform the soul; the product of a series of relationships beginning in her early twenties, which, she says, "sparked my curiosity for exploring my gifts. Childhood events created a buried treasure, which the arts helped me to explore, "specifically, "[the] contents and whereabouts of my body/mind/soul." In her words, the poetic effusions contained within these pages "cover a range of experience, from the separation of myself from myself in the process of healing and observations along the way, then returned to myself whole and healthy. The axiom 'healer heal thyself' applied to me long before I knew what it entailed." 

Here is a unique poetic voice that is straightforward in tone, emotionally honest in expression, perceptive, unsentimental, and very powerful. " -- 2010 Vantage Press

Cover: 'Fierce Intent', oil on canvas, 20x24", Cate McNider, 1995

Samples from Separation and Return (81 pages):


We arrive an alias. 

We must take it upon ourselves

to create the original.


Dwellers Within

Meandering in a low, dense walk

I forgot to dress, wounds open.

Slipped inside a sleeve,

slipped inside a sleeve, 

taking refuge in epithelium.

Forgetting what it was

that drove me there, drove me

to pierce the inner wall of membrane, 

listen to retinaculum hum like a shaker,

decifer the hieroglyphs of bone

and sit     when I wanted nothing

but to Get     Out!

Crack me open! 

My body is ever so tender

when the dwellers within emerge

to paint their canvases.


"Fierce Intent", oil on canvas, 16x20

Reading- Separation and Return

Reading of Separation and Return at Mulberry St. Library, NYC, 2011

Poems Published in Journals and Reviews

Sample: Submissions Published

Published Winter 2013,


The End of War

The end of war is like the beginning of war,

cherry trees blossom


                      then drop their petals,

         another is soon to follow,

it takes the breath away.


Photo by Michael Mráz on Unsplash

Photo by Michael Mráz on Unsplash

Reviews: Sample

Separation and Return

"In Separation and Return, Cate NcNider's recent book of poetry, the author creates an indelible, in-depth work, rich with metaphor and imagery, empowered with feeling tone and straight talk, and delicate with a vulnerability that touches tender places, permeating soul and presence.

Share in the journey of a poet's diverse life path as artist, naturalist, sensory being, daughter, great-niece, pet lover and insightful human. As we read through this important coming-of-age offering, we travel alongside a heart that is winding through vulnerability-strength, anger-sadness-acceptance, fear-courage, and loss-release to find home."  -Beth Goren

Currents, a bi-annual publication of Body-Mind Centering Association, 2011 (photo:Eliezer Parrilla)

Currents, a bi-annual publication of Body-Mind Centering Association, 2011 (photo:Eliezer Parrilla)

Recent Poetic Samples - 2nd Collection in process

2018 -2019

 Man - In Cooperation

Man is Man.

He sells out his brother,

no matter the color or class.

His victim isn't special - 

it's just what he does.

You may not remember, but 

last time, you were the one

doing the betraying.

Now, you get to experience

the other side of the equation.


The Point 

The art is not the object.

The making of the art,

is not the object.

Even the process of making

the art is not the object.

It is what the art is 

c o m m u n i c a t i n g

that is the point, from

where it comes, that is 

the object.

The painting itself has

no value, does it

make you feel?

Look to the source for 

the message, it’s in the 


It is a message to itself,

it gives of itself to itself.

The experience is the art.

Understanding where it

comes from is the art.

Allowing it is the art.

Accepting it is the art.

Knowledge of this, is

my artistry.




Look into what you can’t see,

feel what you can’t touch, 

taste what you can’t smell,

it’s now.



Times Around the Sun

I am not forgotten, to myself.

I remember many knee scrapes, 

rejections and ignore-ances of others

as I look upon the healed scars.

It is only I, that recognize the markers along 

my journey and more importantly: 

the undoing and undressing of the mask 

and inner tensions built, in order to survive. 

Now, going forward, it is the absence of it

that allows naked feelings to spontaneously 

announce themselves, dance within my being, 

whispering the whys of lessons my Self

taught me, and that revealing the original nature 

of my Self, is the way home.


"Truth 2", charcoal on paper, 12x9, 2018

"Truth 2", charcoal on paper, 12x9, 2018